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Classic and trend accessories, traditional and innovatives haberdarshery items, and much more like corsetry accessories, furnitures items, filler and sponge articles, clothes hangers, plastic bags, wires sticking labels, cutting and sewing items, buttons, pantyhoses, zippers, cordons, elastic bands, buckles, hooks, metal bands, yarns, ribbons, laces, lining, pajettes, pearls, rhinestones and swarovski.
A meeting between functionality and creativity, where you can find not only the piece in shade you need, or the suitable accessory, but also the brillant idea, the unexpected particular, that may create a new item of clothing , that could give to your creations an original signature that sets them apart.

A universe of items choose with painstaking research and costant attention in order to update costantly our assortment and selection.
All most valid innovative materials, in appearence, shapes, colors and functions.
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